Accidents / Closer

by Raveen

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released February 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Raveen Montreal, Québec



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Track Name: Accidents
The rivers widened out
And swallowed up this home
But you won't call it off
No you won't call
The rivers widened out
And swallowed up this home
But you won't call it off
No you won't call

Now youre falling from the inside
Never mend when you were told.
But if you're asking me to stay babe
Then give it up from where you hold

Never meant it when you said it
Humble spots along the lapse
And you're feigning to regret it
But do I know that it's the last

Now I'm falling from the inside
Given an accident I know
No regretting it but in time
I'll dig it up from where you hold

I was calling from the inside
Maybe foolish to suppose
You would set it down at your side
Breathe it out and still the woes

I will I will never get tired
I'll be born again
And you won't know
Said you won't know

And you're falling from the inside
And I'm falling from the end
Keep my eyes on the beginning
So give it up from where we stand

And I'm calling from the inside
Punkish spots all on the lapse
See you feigning to regret it
But give it up before you ask

Now I'm calling for answer
And your fighting to defend
I've been a flower in that garden
Rooted up before the end

Now I can't say that I regret it
Call it an accident is bold
But I'm living to forget it
So give it up before you're told
Track Name: Closer
You break your hearts in line
to the sound of the roof that keeps you
You break your hearts I find
All along I love you still

You weigh your thoughts in line
did you wait long enough to see them through
you wait your thoughts align
You call back, they come back, you CALL

(I need it for love)

I gave up all i had to give to paint out all the strokes of home
It was fine til I made it
I built up all the walls so inside your love could roam
and in time you'd contain it
Well I pray that time will call the vine to fortify your home
still ill fight and deride it
I gave you all that i could give i gave it all up
I'll fall back i'll fall back i'll fall.